Wednesday, October 16, 2019

International Advertising - US Harley Davidson Motorcycles Advertised Essay

International Advertising - US Harley Davidson Motorcycles Advertised to Japanese Market - Essay Example Eventually, the most effective communication method will be provided together with the rationale behind choosing each method. Prior to conclusion, a theme will be created in order to make the advertising of Harley Davidson motorcycle successful in Japan. The Japanese government has a significant role over the advertising regulation in Japan. Specifically the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) is the national governmental agency that monitors the advertising regulation in Japan. Basically, the main role of FTC is to promote a â€Å"fair and free market competition† in the Japanese market (JFTC, 2009a). Strictly enforced by FTC, the basic advertising laws in Japan include the Anti-Monopoly Law and the Premium and Representation Control Law (Cooper-Chen & Kodama, 1991: p. 182; JFTC, 2009b). Basically, the Anti-Monopoly Act (1995) gives the local and foreign advertisers a general framework on how advertisements in Japan are being controlled. Aiming to protect the benefits and welfare of the consumers, this particular advertising law prohibits actions that can be detrimental to market competition (JFTC, 1995). On the other hand, the Premium and Representation Control Law was developed and implemented in order to â€Å"prevent exorbitant giveaways and unfair labelling of products as a way of promoting fair competition† (p. 182). Similar to JFTC, Japan Advertising Agencies Association (JAAA) enhances the advertising practices in Japan. Aside from ensuring that the consumers fully understand the local advertisements in Japan (JAAA, 2009b); JAAA is also responsible in ensuring that the standards of advertising in Japan are met by the advertisers. (JAAA, 2009a) In general, advertisements in Japan follow a code of ethics which includes the following: (1) advertisements should use clear communication method to present the truth about a product and service; (2) comply with the

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