Friday, October 4, 2019

Critical analyses of Teenage Pregnancy in UK and it's impact on Essay

Critical analyses of Teenage Pregnancy in UK and it's impact on children , families and society - Essay Example There are a number of reasons for this disparity one of which is delay by the government to address the issue. Teenage mothers as a whole face a number of challenges including drop out of school, lack of income, loss of friends and the relationship with family members deteriorate (Berrington, Diamond, Ingham et al, 2005). Infants born of teenage mothers on the other hand have a higher mortality rate, born with many complications and denied parental love and care (Harden, Bruton, Fletcher and Okley, 2009). There have been various efforts by the government to try and combat this problem. One of the commonest is educating the young about sex. In sex education teenagers are taught the mechanisms of sex and how to prevent pregnancy (Carabine, 2007). However, sex education has been heavily criticized for failing to address issues that matter such as contraceptives. Just like in other countries where teenage pregnancy is low, transparency and early intervention is favoured (Fletcher, 2010). Though the government has done a lot to address the issue, the roots causes are yet to be tackled (Horgan and Kenny, 2007). Teenage pregnancy has been equated to deprivation. Once the government effectively tackles poverty in society, much would have been accomplished in the campaign against teenage pregnancy. The objective of this essay is to give a critical analysis of teenage pregnancy in the UK. It will address the effects on the mother, family and society as a whole. Comparisons will be drawn with other countries which might be experiencing a greater or lesser challenge. Finally, the effectiveness of UK government policies will be evaluated. According to Maslow, growth and survival are the basic explanation to human behaviour. The most important needs for survival are the basic requirements such as food and water which must be satisfied before satisfaction of higher needs. The higher needs though with ability to ensure psychological well-being of individuals have less

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