Monday, October 14, 2019

Classical Conditioning Essay Example for Free

Classical Conditioning Essay Classical conditioning is an association between two stimuli; It is what proceeds the response. The two stimuli in my experiment was the ringing of the bell and the on and off of the light switch performed in a dark room. During my experiment I rang the bell and then immediately turned off the lights. I remained in the dark for fifteen seconds then turned the light back on. I left the light on for fifteen seconds, and would monitor my pupils in the mirror then ring the bell and would simultaneously turned off the light again. After doing this several times, I rang the bell one last time but did not turn off the lights. Then I immediately looked into the mirror to monitor my pupils. I noticed that the pupils dilated. The unconditional response (UR) is that my pupils would dilate when the room became dark which I had no control. The conditioned response (CR) is that the bell stimulated the pupils to dilate. Prier to this time, the ringing of the bell had no effect on the dilation of my pupils. Therefore, the classical conditioning programmed my pupils to dilate upon the ringing of the bell and controlling the light stimuli. I repeated the same experiment but this time I did not ring the bell at all to see if the time would have a response. Every fifteen seconds I would turn the lights either on or off. The results were negative. In conclusion, indeed it took two stimuli, the ringing of the bell and the lights to provoke a response.

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