Friday, September 13, 2019

Product Launch Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Product Launch Plan - Essay Example Nonetheless, the target consumers are middle class groups, who are highly involved in the media-saturated world attributable to things like advertisements, internet and mobile phone. Company SWOTT analysis Strengths The company is located in Italy, which is a company that is associated with a tradition of pioneering production of wine. In fact, this is a tradition that would enable the company to have a good reputation and the customers will have confidence in their products (Marini & Tepponen, 2012). The company will be situated in company that has favorable climate conditions, given that Italy is countries that cover an area attributed to different types of climatic zones; in this case, this will provide ideal location for increased productivity of grapes used for making wine. In 2011, trends of wine sales were attributed to establishment of modern concept, which are contrasting with the France conservative culture (Marini & Tepponen, 2012). In fact, France has a market of wine tha t is highly competitive due to introduction of flavored wines. Weaknesses Structures of Italian vineyards lack a specific strategy given that it is highly concentrated with small wineries that are owned by families and this have a negative impact on production (Marini & Tepponen, 2012). The company is likely to face challenges due to unfamiliarity with French culture and their customs; in fact, this may have a negative impact on the effort to venture into the market (Marini & Tepponen, 2012). Opportunities In France, there are potential customers, who have developed tastes and preferences for wine; in fact, they are able to rank these products based on value over volume leading to willingness to pay high prices per unit price (Marini & Tepponen, 2012). There are opportunities derived through wine intelligence in France market, whereby there are models being developed to facilitate market growth and ascendancy of wine; thus, the consumers will develop ways of distinguishing between v arious categories of wine (Marini & Tepponen, 2012). On the other hand, the company can focus on establishing a single brand with consistency in quality, taste and it will be associated with Italy. Threats France market has been surpassed by other markets such as Australia and Britain; thereby a decision to venture this market poses a threat of reduced profitability compared to other markets (Marini & Tepponen, 2012). There are other threats emanating from a decrease in the number of wine drinkers; in fact, this is a tradition has been introduced in the market, despite high per capita among consumers in the market. The competition There are increased chances that Italy will lose their position of being leaders in the market of wines due to stiff competition from other countries such as Australia, America, Chile and South Africa. However, Italy has attained a competitive advantage based on marketing strategies, whereby they promote products through captivating images (Fernandez-Cruz, 2003). Nonetheless, this competition has led to a decrease sales of wine in Italy; in fact, analysis in 2010 indicates that the country lost to their leading position to South Africa, which attained twenty percent market share. Therefore, this

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