Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Cultural Diversity Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Cultural Diversity - Research Proposal Example Therefore to be able to take the optimum contribution of the workforce, companies will have to take care of their sentiments and requirements in such a manner that the workforce feels satisfied while working in the company and while interacting amongst each other. Multinational companies in particular have come to realise the importance of taking good care of their employees in such a manner that the diversity tends to become strength for the company. This study is therefore an effort to analyse how the diversity at the work place affects the working environment and how the companies can take better care of the workers by addressing the diversity concerns. During the study the policies of some of the companies will be studied to find out how they take care of their employees and manage the workforce. An effort would also be made to see how providing equal opportunities to the workforce helps these companies in strengthening the core competencies of the organization and what are types of challenges these companies have faced in the process. In such cases, the viewpoints of the employees too will be taken to see how well they are enjoying the diversity prevailing within the organisation and whether it is helping them in doing their bit towards the goals and objectives of the company. In the era of globalization, thanks to widespread proliferation... The researcher narrates interesting experiences of some of the companies like Texaco, Coca Cola, and Morgan Stanley. It is stated that initially these companies probably thought diversity was just a "good idea" too, until they got hit with lawsuits and much negative publicity. Millions of settlement dollars later, these companies saw the business case for managing diversity well and as a reaction have implemented many strategic diversity initiatives. Pamela Tudor therefore underlines the principle that in order to work with people from diverse backgrounds and be successful in the globalisation era, the prerequisite is effective management of diversity in the organisation. In recent years, China has emerged on the horizon as one of the fastest developing countries. Lower production costs are one main reason for its popularity as a major manufacturing hub. Many international companies, particularly from the western world have shifted their manufacturing facilities to China in order to take advantage of the cheaper labour costs. When MNCs prefer to take advantage of multi-location facilities, lower costs of production, and expertise from the world over, diversity is bound to be there at the workplace. While many of the managers and specialists are being sent to China from western nations, a number of Chinese and other people from South Asia are also being recruited at these manufacturing facilities. Taking good care of the employees therefore requires that the diversity should be managed effectively at these companies. Therefore, it will be interesting to study how the diversity is being managed by some reputed companies while taking care of employee's w elfare. Preliminary Literature Review The Chartered Institute

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