Monday, September 9, 2019

American History - The the continent of America is a new beginning for Research Paper - 1

American History - The the continent of America is a new beginning for a better life of justice, liberty and freedom - Research Paper Example Every person has the right of justice in this world. All are equal in the eyes of law. According to the past history of England, An agreement was signed by the British government. The agreement had given right of justice to all the people living in England. There was a practice of implementing different laws in various parts of England. The law implementation difference caused great differences between the people. The perception of difference of color, birth place, and class was enhanced. The society in England argued that difference in implementation of law has violated the right of justice for them. The people of England presented their arguments that they were not satisfied with difference of implementation of law. The law should be implemented on all in a same manner so that the right of justice would be available for all people in England. It was decided by the council of Army that all laws would be implemented for general public. There would not be any discrimination of charter , degree, birth or place. There would be no exemption for anyone to be exempted from the implication of law. The exemption would create differences and society will be divided. All the cities of England are bound to implement the laws which are considered to be implemented in other cities. Powerful people should also bring in the ordinary course of dealing and there would not be any discrimination regarding to Law (Foner). The people living in the society have different religions. The principle of mankind gives a teaching of respect of all religion. The respect would inspire the people to live with brotherhood. The past history shows the hatred among people with respect to religion. The people often speak about others without any reason. It was common in the state that Hutchinson was continuously speaking out against the Clergy by defective logics. They were trying to degrade Clergy. It was observed by the

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