Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Summary of Federation #10 essays

Summary of Federation #10 essays James Madisons Federalist #10 was somewhat confusing, but in laymen terms it basically stated the factions actions towards the Federalist Government, causes of the actions, and solutions. The factions were the countryside attempts to overpower the Federal Government by the states. As Federalist #10 stated (translated in laymen terms), the importance of keeping the Union together, and not having it break due to violence, deserves careful examination, all of which, while respecting the values of the principles of liberty. Madison proclaimed two methods of curing the mischief of the factions, which were to remove its cause, and by controlling its effects. To control the effects would be nearly impossible, due to the size of the factions, and would surely lead to the fall of the Union by a civil war. The only way was to change its cause, to change the government. Madison set his sites on creating a more powerful Federal Government, one for and by the people; however, such a governm ent did not exist. It was Madisons goal to set out to make America a more perfect union. The Federalist #10 brought new rights for the common man, such as statesmen having no more rights than the average American, all men are to be judges by peers, and not by the bias, and lastly, all money earned is money kept. Although these thoughts were not the backbone of the American Constitution, they are a solid foundation of what America stands for; a nation created by the people, for the people. ...

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