Monday, February 24, 2020

Ethics Case studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethics Case studies - Essay Example John has rested his hope in my positive recommendation to get the opportunity which he regards as a lifetime opportunity. Patients are the major stakeholders in this case because their life will be at risk in case the wrong person is offered the job. Indeed, the only practical alternative is to be honest with the reference lab regarding John’s capabilities. Lying for him would be unethical and short-lived because even if he is hired, it will not take long before the new employer discovers his incompetence. This would result in him being fired and it would be embarrassing for him to come back to seek his old job once again. This would jeopardize the Center’s reputation and my credibility as a reference person. Professional code of ethics states that the best interests of the patient should come first before individual and organizational interests. The interest of colleagues should be given second priority when the patient’s well-being is at risk. The profession should also be safeguarded through ethical practices. I would clearly explain to John the competencies required in the new job and make him understand that in my honest opinion, he is not qualified for the job. I would also explain to him the undesirable consequences that may result from my strong recommendation for him including putting his current job and the potential job at risk as well as jeopardizing the reputation of the lab. As the lab supervisor, you receive a report from one of the evening shift technologists that another one of the evening techs is doing the â€Å"sink test† (i.e. dumping samples down the sink and making up the results) in urinalysis in order to get to dinner earlier. What action would you take? The ethical problem in this case is dishonesty in one of the laboratory technologist who is putting the patients’ health at risk. The wrong results may cause irreversible damage to the patient. These actions may damage the reputation of the

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