Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Ethical Dilemma of Euthanasia Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Ar

The Ethical Dilemma of Euthanasia An incredibly controversial issue clouds the minds of millions of people everyday as death confronts them. The problem revolves around the ethics of euthanasia. Should medical assisted suicide be outlawed in all situations or under certain circumstances, could it be considered ethical? Do humans violate nature’s course with science and advanced technology by playing God? Why should doctors and families witness their loved ones suffer when the solution of euthanasia promises a painless death? Authors Andrea E. Richardson and David Miller of the articles â€Å"Death with Dignity: The Ultimate Human Right† and â€Å"From Life to Death in a Peaceful Instant† reflect upon their experiences and feelings on these questions. In â€Å"Death with Dignity: The Ultimate Human Right,† Richardson introduces the reader to the depressing story about his father. His father, a good family man, had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which kept him in the hospital for weeks at a time. For this man, the painful and paralyzing experience destroyed both his joints and internal organs. Richardson sneaks the idea of euthanasia into his introduction by saying, â€Å"For others-for those like my father- death is an event clearly visible on the horizon. It is an event that is forecasted, feared, and at times yearned for† (Richardson, 42). Richardson then talks about the history of euthanasia by discussing the tribal ideals and medical techniques used thousands of years ago. â€Å"The discovery that certain berries had lethal effects was used as a means of humane euthanasia for people who were very ill or badly injured† (Richardson, 42). The author explains how medicine has evolved to the point where the... ...ge a person’s fate. Richardson supports his argument with various cases and concrete facts. He presents his case in both an interesting and informative manner because he didn’t just concentrate solely on his feelings of his father. Miller on the other hand focuses on his feelings towards his grandmother without supporting his cases with a sound argument. He makes his story too personal while ignoring the other side of the coin. This comes off as both arrogant and non-professional. Overall, these two articles support the pros of euthanasia, giving the reader a solid background to the ethical dilemma facing human beings today. Works Cited Miller, David. â€Å"From Life in Death in a Peaceful Instant.† The Humanist (May/ June 2000) 27 Richardson, Andrea E. â€Å"Death with Dignity: The Ultimate Human Right?† The Humanist (July/ Aug 2002) p. 42-43

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