Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Project Phases Essay Example for Free

Project Phases Essay It is a matter of fact that people involved in project management have revealed that every project has its specific characteristics and phases which help to increase its effectiveness. Actually, all projects go through describable and definite phases. Phase transitions are considered an ideal time for updating planning guidelines and objectives and for conducting qualified management review.   Usually, there are three project phases distinguished: planning, scheduling and controlling. Firstly, planning phase suggests that there is a need to evaluate each investment against others. During this phase the presented information should be clear and exact to make project board sure that they have made the right decision to initiate the project.   When panning the project managers specify deliverables and identify requirements for a future plan. In other words, planning suggests identifying what is to be delivered, when, by whom and how. Planning forms the basis for control and management. Secondly, phase of scheduling provides details of project implementation and specifies its peculiarities. This phase ensures that managers have met all set goals and requirements, quality and cost specifications. A number of parallel processes is involved in this phase: monitoring the process, reporting the status, managing possible changes, checking that deliverable will meet the necessary outcomes, dealing problematic issues, etc. Thirdly, controlling phase is the final review of the project. It identifies whether the full scope of the plan has been met and whether the governance has been effective. This phase is very important as it gives the last opportunity to make necessary changes and to correct mistakes if they are present when this phase is over, the project is completed. Summing up all the three project phases are very important and can’t be ignored as they provide the basis for future success or failure of the project. Failure of any phase leads to failure of others if not managed properly. All phases need attention on a continuous basis. References Chapman, James. (2005, March 2). Project Phases. Retrieved January 27, 2008, from

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