Sunday, November 17, 2019

WGS final Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

WGS final - Assignment Example As seen in the work of Kirk & Okazawa-Rey, as the women grow up, they are socialized into women and even given descriptions on how a perfect female body should look like and how they are anticipated to live up to this reality (121-162). The women in turn completely change their views on how their bodies look like, design new model of their look and even change their beliefs on their exact identity. With this in mind, it is expected that the women will take into account what their bodies are made for and even attempt to determine how their bodies will change as they develop from one stage to another (Kirk & Okazawa-Rey 121-162). This thought is shared by Serdar who indicates that, the media has continually shaped the female body image (1). In her opinion, the author is wary of the extent in which the society sets socio-cultural standards that the women are expected to follow in the course of their development (Serdar 1). With the media emphasizing on the ideal body type and image, it is evident that lots of women will struggle to meet that standards of beauty that are, to a great extent, unattainable. One can easily relate to the plight of the women that constantly struggle to identify themselves with the beauty models in their televisions sets in the form of fashion models, advertisement queens and presenters of renowned shows. The response by the women being discontented about their physical appearance can then be understood from the perspective of Serdar. The society in this case, can be termed as one of factors that result to gender inequalities in the society. As far as this case point is concerned, th e women are forced to lead their lives as per the society not as per their beliefs. Kirk & Okazawa-Rey explain how the concept of the female appearance has created a beauty business that makes profits of billions every year

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