Saturday, August 24, 2019

Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 2

Management - Essay Example The effect of planning in facilitating management decisions cannot be overremphasises. It is an art of deciding in advance what to do, how to do it and who is to do it. It is normally a mental work which is intellectual in nature. It involves determining the goals, policies procedure and other plans needed to achieve organisational objectives. In planning, it is important that policies procedures, standards and methods of accomplishing goals are established. Also important is the ability to anticipate problems and money plans. Organizing on its own part is the grouping of work and workers by job and department, allocation of space equipment and resources in organizing it is important to break down work into operative units, select and place individuals on proper jobs with adequate provision of personnel, facilities and resources. Leading has to do with providing direction for subordinates and being responsible for the actions taken by them. Staffing involves filling vacant position in the organizational structure. It helps in defining manpower requirement and recruiting qualified personnel it also involves the selection and training of employees, prompting and appraising staff performance. Most, if not all, of these skills was what I was consciously trained to imbibe in the course of taking AC346. Studying was a very vital aspect of this course, read volumes of recommended and Non-Recommended Texts in order to grasp the substance of the course. I had to analyse and assimilate views as posited by different authors and I also do very much consider this as synonymous with the planning aspect involved in management. Furthermore written essay were on integral part of this course. In connecting our tutor we understood the concepts presented within the course it was important for me to be able to reproduce what had been assimilated and even present my own ideas in written essays, also an essential sale needed in management work after graduation. Co-operation was also vital in this course, as we had to work together as presentation groups. This helped in developing team spirit among team members. Individual contributions were encouraged and adopted in order to ensure success for the group. This tallies very well with organizational skills relevant in management after graduation with features such as grouping of work and workers by job and department allocation of space and equipment etc. All of these work functions are very important because it would be difficult to achieve organizational objectives without proper planning, organizing controlling and leading. Organisations are pre-occupied with myriads of problems without proper organizing and controlling; it would be a Herculean task to solve the problems. Management functions make provisions for purposeful direction and orderliness in executing polices. These management functions provide solid basis for controlling organizational activities. One major skill acquired as we laboured on this course was the principle of management by objectives - I personally look forward to a management position in a blue chip company where this skill is highly required management by obj

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